Hugo Boss is now promoting its jeans through Roblox

Hugo Boss is now promoting its jeans through RobloxQuick! What’s the thing you wish you had in Roblox? Well, I’ll spare you the waiting because I have the answer, stupid. It’s jeans, specifically blue denim jeans. At least that’s what Hugo (Hugo Boss) thinks, with the launch of their new Roblox world to celebrate the launch of their latest blue denim line. Well okay, in fairness it’s not just that.

Planet Hugo is a new Roblox experience intended to promote the fashion brand’s catalogue. It’ll include the Hugo Hangout and Hugo Fashion Match 3D environments. But the big selling point is, of course, being able to purchase wearables based on the Hugo lineup. Fashion Match will also let you engage in a ‘social styling experience’ and make friends using a variety of new social interactions, and even face-tracking integration. … [MORE]

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March 9, 20244:02 am

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