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Rec Room set to partner with fashion brand Puma

Social gaming platform Rec Room is set to partner with fashion brand Puma to introduce three, limited-time, avatar items. These will be the Puma P7 track jacket, beanie and pink hoodie that will be available through Rec Room’s in-game assets store.

This latest collaboration follows a long line of recent team-ups between Rec Room and other high-profile brands. Whether that’s items from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, or dressing up your avatar as Barbie for a tie-in to the massively popular Margot Robbie movie. Rec Room also boasts not only the more social aspects, but a host of games for players to share, with their most recent ‘original’ being the asymmetric horror game Make It to Midnight. … [MORE]

Mattel brings the Masters of the Universe to Stumble Guys

Mattel are set to partner with battle royale Stumble Guys for the third time, and this time they’re bringing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to the Stumbleverse! The collaboration will feature a new level, exclusive cosmetics and daily missions tying into the classic franchise.

If you’re not familiar, the Masters of the Universe franchise was originally spawned out of the Mattel action-figure line He-man. Created – some accounts indicate – after Mattel missed out on the lucrative toy licence for Star Wars, He-man and the Masters of the Universe was their most successful bid in producing an original franchise that spawned its own cartoon series and film (starring Dolph Lundgren). … [MORE]

Genshin Impact reveals upcoming version 4.5 update which tests your business management skills

March’s arrival has brought about big news for Genshin Impacts as HoYoverse unveils the highly anticipated version 4.5 update. Titled Blades Weaving Betwixt Brocade, the content update will arrive in a couple of weeks. It takes place after Liyue’s New Year celebrations and follows Jean, Lisa, and the Knights of Favonius as they build an alchemical potion business.

Genshin Impact v4.5’s seasonal event has been titled Alchemical Ascension and it tests players’ management skills as they try to set up a local business. You have been summoned by the Knights of Favonius and you must deliver by creating a successful tycoon. Get ready to manage everything from production to sales. As you progress and earn, you’ll also have to think of upscaling, just like any real-world business. … [MORE]

Casual Social Network game Play Together adds new NPC “Cutiepie”

Developer Haegin’s social network game Play Together is set to add a new NPC, Cutiepie, a new Resort House area, cosmetics and more. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a new dance emote, name-tag and…fishing? Yes, fishing.

All this, and more, is being added to the in-game world of Kaia Island for players to enjoy. Play Together has previously featured events as varied as slime-hunting (think the slimes from Dragon Quest) and an outbreak of a zombie virus. So all things considered, an influencer-themed update is probably one of the least strange for this game. … [MORE]

Tarisland is collaborating with Emmy winner Russell Brower to create musical compositions for the game

Tarisland, Tencent’s highly anticipated MMORPG, has just announced a thrilling partnership with renowned composer Russell Brower, aimed at enriching your gameplay experience with captivating musical compositions. The game’s already immersive world will be even more enchanting thanks to Brower’s musical prowess.

In this collaboration, Russell Brower, an Emmy Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer, will enhance six maps previously featured in Tarisland’s Closed Beta Test version. The music will serve as a compelling storytelling tool, enhancing the vivid experience within the fantastical world of Tarisland. … [MORE]