Shapez and Little Nightmares join Play Pass

Two popular games, Shapez and Little Nightmares, are now available through Google Play Pass. Shapez is a simulation game in which you build factories and create automated production lines for various geometric shapes. Little Nightmares, however, is a macabre action adventure horror title in which you play as a young girl who must escape a nightmarish vessel called the Maw.

Shapez, which was initially released for PC, is a calming game that lets you create factories that create geometric shapes. The further you progress, the more complex the geometric shapes you need to produce become. … [MORE]

Farlight 84 gets revamped season system and new currency with V2.2 update

Farlight 84 is introducing a new update that adds tons of improvements to the game. Along with other improvements, the V2.2 update revamps the battle royale title’s Season system and adds new currency. The Farlight 84 V2.2 update is set to launch on April 18th and promises to improve the game’s lobby.

As part of the update, the game lobby will include content themed to the current season. Further, you’ll be able to view characters and equipment from within the lobby and experience improved matchmaking. The new update also introduces a new season system which merges Rank tasks, daily tasks and battle passes into one system dubbed the Triumph Tracker. Triumph Tracker aims to make goals more straightforward and collecting rewards easier.  … [MORE]

Marvel Snap gets Cosmetic Shop and major updates to cards

Marvel Snap, the hit fast-paced card battler from Second Dinner Studios, is getting a major overhaul of some of their most popular cards, as well as the addition of a Cosmetics Shop in their latest update. Offering simple, fast-paced card-battler action, Marvel Snap features hundreds of your favourite characters and places in the Marvel Universe as you duke it out for victory in lightning-fast PvP duels.

Before we get into the Cosmetics Shop, it bears noting the major changes coming to cards. For one, Alioth is now not able to destroy all unrevealed cards, but only reveal their text. Meanwhile, the highly meta Zabu is getting a boost to cost from 2 to 3 and his effect of reducing 4-cost cards by 1 cost now only lasts a turn. Sandman, Lady Deathstrike, Strong Guy, Shadow King and Pxie (Cymru am Byth) are also getting major changes you can check out in detail here. … [MORE]

Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop lets you hire chonky cats to serve donuts to equally chonky cats, out now on iOS and Android

From the makers of that adorable game that tasked you with forcing hamsters to make bags in a factory comes another title where you’ll push animals into forced labour – of course, Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop is just too darn adorable that it’s quite obvious I’m just being cheeky about it. The charming tycoon game lets you manage a sweets shop with cuddly cat companions by your side.

As the title suggests, however, the cats won’t actually be inside the donuts – rather, they’ll be inside the donut shop working behind the counter or being the first in line to nab the freshest batch of sweets for the day. Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop features plenty of chonky cats you can hire to give you a helping hand (or paw), as well as all kinds of customers that might just give you lots of money if you serve them well enough. … [MORE]

Pinocchio Hero: Idle RPG lets you wield your nose to take down monsters, out now on iOS and for pre-registration on Android

In case you missed it, Gamepub’s quirky mobile offering Pinocchio Hero: Idle RPG has launched on iOS, with the pre-registration phase for the Android version currently ongoing. While it might seem like you already know every single thing there is to know about the popular fairytale character, you likely haven’t seen him this way – poised to take vengeance on a witch for turning him back into a wooden puppet while battling all manner of atrocities using his elongated nose.

In Pinocchio Hero: Idle RPG, you can look forward to wielding the power of your own lies across an enchanted fairytale adventure with a twist. Of course, while you can wave that nose around like it’s nobody’s business, you’ll also need to be careful not to let it get too long, as you can use it to boost your combat power and exchange it for items as well. … [MORE]