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Seven Knights Idle Adventure introduces Yeonhee and the Pet Ranch mode in latest update

Netmarble has just dropped a brand new content update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure, bringing a wave of new content to the popular idle RPG. In this patch, you will come across exciting features such as new legendary heroes, a new game mode, and some limited-time events as always.

The highlight of Seven Knights Idle Adventure’s latest update is the introduction of the Pet Ranch, a brand-new mode which is a sort of daycare but for your pets. Once left in the farm’s care, they will keep generating Star Shards over time. These Star Shards can be used to power up your Blessing level, providing you with valuable rewards and benefits as you progress through the game. … [MORE]

Penny’s Big Breakaway Review – If It Ain’t Broke

Penny’s Big Breakaway is a loving homage to a somewhat awkward period in gaming history. The early days of 3D mascot platformers were defined by garish saturated colors, exaggerated character designs, and a variety of gimmicks as the genre found its footing in this new environment. Penny’s Big Breakaway fits right into that legacy, like a lost gem that just got a shiny new remaster. But while its stylized look will probably be an acquired taste, it makes good use of its gimmick to avoid some pitfalls of the era it emulates.

The story revolves around Penny, an aspiring yo-yo performer who goes to a talent show audition put on by a stodgy Emperor. Along the way, her toy prop fuses with a creature, becoming a sort of sentient and voracious pet. The creature grants her all sorts of special abilities but also causes trouble at the talent show, angering the Emperor and putting her on the run from his army of penguin goons. Her “big break” turned into a breakaway, get it?

That sets the stage, so to speak, for a few different elements. For one, it sets the expectation that stages will be propulsive with constant movement. You’re a wanted fugitive! As a result, stages aren’t wide open worlds to explore so much as they are courses to navigate, often with great speed, as you stunt and trick your way past traps and obstacles. You can occasionally pause to catch your breath or find a collectible, but for the most part, each stage has you running from Point A to Point B as fast as you can.

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure introduces the Merry Meadow region in the version 1.5 update

Sunblink and Sanrio have just unveiled the fifth major content update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, which is exclusively available on Apple Arcade. Version 1.5, titled Merry Meadow, sees the addition of a new area. You’ll be involved in a lot of activities such as creating your own dream garden, exploring lush meadows, and discovering new tools.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s Merry Meadow region is a beautiful space, full of vibrant flowers, quaint cottages, and enchanting hideaways waiting to be discovered. Dive into the heart of the garden and uncover its secrets, including the arrival of a new friend, Wish me mell, who is known for her friendly demeanour and love for gardening. You must embark on a quest to find her, earn her trust, and cultivate a lasting friendship. … [MORE]

Bike Unchained 3 is now available on Android and iOS

It’s time to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie as Red Bull Media House has just launched their highly anticipated title, Bike Unchained 3, the latest instalment in the all-terrain racing saga. This real-time multiplayer PvP mobile game promises to take you on an exhilarating journey through the exciting world of MTB racing, where riders from around the globe converge for the ultimate racing experience.

In Bike Unchained 3, you’ll ride headfirst into the thrilling world of MTB racing, where high-speed downhill races and jaw-dropping jumps await. Compete against the best riders worldwide and strive to attain the MTB legend status. Whether you’re conquering downhill races or mastering daring jumps, the mountain will help you unleash your inner daredevil and conquer every trail. … [MORE]

Free Fire will be part of the inaugural Esports World Championship to be held in Riyadh this year

Garena has just dropped some major news for Free Fire, as the battle royale prepares to be featured at the inaugural Esports World Championship taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this summer. Teaming up with the EWC Foundation, Free Fire aims to deliver an unparalleled esports experience to fans worldwide, leveraging its massive global presence and popularity as one of the most downloaded mobile battle royales.

Esports World Cup: Free Fire is set to take place between July 10th and 14th and will feature 18 elite teams vying for the humongous $1,000,000 prize pool. Participants will be selected from five local Free Fire tournaments and ESL’s Free Fire Snapdragon Pro Series and will engage in heated Knock-out Stage battles for the first three days, before the top 12 squads advance to the grand finale. … [MORE]