Light up your life with the official Genshin Impact light

Light up your life with the official Genshin Impact lightIn their latest merchandising collaboration, top action RPG title Genshin Impact is set to partner with Neamedia Icons for a collectible light featuring the game’s logo. And yes, it is a bit of a slow news day. Still, this is yet another step in Genshin Impact’s surprisingly large catalogue of merchandising crossovers, but by far not the biggest.

That honour probably goes to Genshin Impact’s surprisingly lengthy collab with phone manufacturer OnePlus. These are typically bundled with a whole host of exclusive collectibles themed after different characters, with the most recent one themed after the character Keqing. Although you’ll be pleased to know the lightbox does come with a ‘push-button switch [that] makes it easy to turn on and off.’ … [MORE]

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May 5, 20243:04 am

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