Ash of God: Redemption is now available on Google Play

Ash of God: Redemption is now available on Google PlayAurumDust has just announced the release of Ash of Gods: Redemption on Android devices, offering you a chance to dive into a world torn apart by war and the disastrous Great Reaping. The mobile port was quite popular on PC, winning awards like the Best Game at the Games Gathering Conference and White Nights in 2017. As you navigate through its complex narrative, you’ll make crucial decisions, and engage in turn-based battles in a world where even the main heroes can die.

The mobile adaptation of Ash of Gods: Redemption preserves all the elements that made the PC version a hit. You’ll find a rich, deeply woven narrative, breathtaking artwork, and a captivating soundtrack. Given the smaller form factor, the UI has been tweaked to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience during battles and dialogues. … [MORE]

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June 30, 20243:02 am

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