Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review – I’m Really Feeling It

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is just as vast and fantastical as it was in 2010. While not every aspect has aged gracefully, Monolith Soft’s lengthy role-playing game has withstood the test of time and further cements itself as one of the most memorable JRPGs in the last decade.

Although Xenoblade Chronicles’ opening hours may seem standard fare for JRPGs story-wise, what sets it apart right from the get-go is its setting. Years before the events of the game, two massive titans, Bionis and Mechonis, were locked in a devastating battle of unfathomable proportions. One day, the titans froze, and life started to pop up on the backs of these enormous figures. To put things into perspective, Colony 9–where protagonist Shulk lives–and the sprawling plains and lake surrounding it are located near the Bionis’ ankle.

Despite Xenoblade Chronicles’s age, its sense of scale is still impressive. Throughout your journey you explore wide-open plains, dense forests, snow-capped mountains, and vast lakes. All the while, Mechonis looms over you as you explore every corner of Bionis.

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