Watch Dogs: Legion Review

Watch Dogs: Legion releases on Thursday, October 29. While we reviewed the game on PC, other outlets playing the Xbox One version have encountered overheating issues on Xbox One X. Ubisoft says it plans to release an update on October 30 that’s intended to resolve the issue.

Watch Dogs: Legion takes the foundations and ideas of its predecessors and expands upon them exponentially. The core conceit of Legion lies in the old adage of “strength in numbers,” which manifests in the game letting you recruit and play as nearly any character you come across, amassing a ragtag crew of freedom fighters. This open-ended stance to fighting the system is a significant change for the franchise, and it’s bolstered by improved hacking and social-engineering gameplay. Legion’s approach, while admirable, does have some unintended issues that make its powerful message of unity waver at inopportune times, but it still manages to make a profound statement about hope with its novel approach to player agency.

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