Unsighted Review – Counting The Seconds

Borrowing ideas liberally from numerous inspirations can often lead to games that lack either an identity or a clear focus, and in the worst cases a bit of both. This isn’t at all true for Unsighted, a pixelated, top-down metroidvania that combines its many familiar gameplay mechanics into a cohesive adventure that is regularly more than the sum of its parts. It’s a remix that also blends gracefully with Unsighted’s original ideas, adding the necessary tension to a time-sensitive mission that works both thematically and mechanically. Although it can falter in some areas, especially with its persistence to hold your hand in some regards, it’s a tightly paced action game with sharp combat and inventive puzzles that are a delight to enjoy.

Unsighted puts you at the center of a civil war between humans and automatons, a sentient race of robots that gained their self-awareness via magical dust dispersed by a meteor that crashed into earth decades before. This meteor has since been closed off by the humans in a last-ditch effort to rob the automatons of their lives, eventually reducing them to base killing machines without emotion. This process, known as “going Unsighted,” is something none of the automatons want and a fate you, playing as freedom-fighter automaton Alma, seek to stop for good.

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This sets off a familiar hunt for a series of MacGuffins–in this case, powerful crystals–across an expansive map, each of which takes place in a distinctive biome with its own inventive dungeon. As you travel through the map, you’ll encounter paths locked off by obstacles your current loadout can’t overcome, encouraging you to find the tools you need to progress. It’s a standard metroidvania trope that will feel immediately familiar, but combined with intricate dungeons, Unsighted breaks up the standard progression with entertaining pit stops and doesn’t let you linger on any frustrating backtracking that is required.

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