The Last Campfire Review – One Step At A Time

There is no singular theme to the puzzles in The Last Campfire. In fact, there aren’t even distinct spaces where puzzles exist. Instead, the entirety of this quaint puzzle adventure is just one puzzle built on another. Yet despite this, The Last Campfire isn’t simply one conundrum after the other. It’s a touching tale of helping others while finding your way, and sometimes accepting that not everyone who might look like they’re ready to move on needs a nudge in that direction.

You play as Ember, a small hooded figure lost in a world between worlds. After some misfortune, you find yourself completely off your intended path, searching for a way back to the gates that so frustratingly passed you by. Littered across your journey are a handful of campfires, each situated in the center of distinct biomes that house numerous other characters in need of your help. These similarly lost souls, known as Forlorn, have abandoned hope of moving on from this world, requiring you to help them overcome any fears and doubts holding them back.

Each manifests as a bite-sized puzzle with its own distinct theme. Some puzzles involve moving an object through a level toward a weighted switch, navigating chasms, and pulley elevators. Others task you with keeping a small flame lit through a maze littered with wind-generating hazards or rotating a block logically to set nearby lanterns alight without extinguishing the flame. The sheer variety of the puzzles is impressive, as is their intelligent design, which makes each one’s premise easy to understand. None of The Last Campfire’s puzzles are brain-racking conundrums, but each one does still manage to stir a sense of accomplishment on its solution.

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