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Things come easily to the Spiritfarer because everything they do is to help others. This utterly marvelous game charges you with the most precious of cargo: spirits making their last pass through a fantastical world between ours and the next. As the Spiritfarer, it’s your duty to aid these souls in their final moments before crossing into eternity. That duty quickly becomes a pleasure as every inch of this spirit world unfolds into joy and wonder. For a game all about death and letting go, Spiritfarer is joyous, full of light and life, while still remaining impossibly true to its raison d’être.

Spiritfarer is a 2D platformer with a heavy dose of crafting and management. Your job is to sail the oceans, visiting islands, landmarks, and anomalies to gather and expand your abilities by finding shops, resources, and even ability-granting shrines. Your life as the Spiritfarer is not just a simple ferryman for wayward souls. Instead, you’re there to help. It’s more than just listening to tales of past lives and learning about your guests–they have needs to be fulfilled before they can move on, too.

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Some may want to eat certain foods to reminisce, and you’ll need to discover the ingredients and recipes to cook for them. Others may want to visit places that spark their imagination, or even just learn how to be comfortable on their own. The knowledge and materials you bring back to your ship will help to expand your enterprise. You’ll create a temporary home for the spirits that choose to join you, caring for their every need while strengthening your ability to make these journeys possible, so that when their final one comes, you’ll be ready too.

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