Snack World Review – Cheers, But I’m Full

From the Minestrone Mines to Gumbo Grotto, Snack World is an RPG universe entirely founded upon various types of cuisine. But although this base is admirably creative, Snack World’s failings outweigh its strengths. Although it is conceptually innovative, the execution never quite lives up to ambition.

Right from the get-go, Snack World acknowledges the tropes it attempts to riff off of. You awaken as an amnesiac hero, conveniently discovered just outside the castle gates. You earn an audience with the king, who is simultaneously jovial and relentlessly selfish, and he tasks you with a variety of quests to satiate his daughter’s fleeting desires–most of which she no longer cares for by the time you retrieve your boon.

Once you embark on an odyssey to regain your memory while becoming a dungeon-crawling virtuoso, you’re quickly bombarded with a hefty amount of information tied to the game’s various systems. Although they are relatively straightforward and conventional–character traits, codex entries, and opportunities for dungeon co-op–the explanations are buried under esoteric apps on a phone-like device called a Pix-e Pad. It’s an interesting idea, but they’re unnecessarily facetious, confusing nuance with jargon.

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