Sea Of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Review – Dead Men Tell Five Tales, Actually

Sea of Thieves is often at its best when it devolves into chaos. After raiding a skeleton ship and loading up your brig with loot, suddenly, a player galleon appears from behind an island, turning its broadside cannons in your direction for a sneak attack. Returning fire, repairing your ship, and desperately turning your sails to make an escape–or firing a crewmate over to the enemy to lay waste to them and steal their stuff–are the moments that make Rare’s pirate adventure live game so memorable.

But don’t discount Rare’s ability to make deep, brainy story content, either. Since its launch, Sea of Thieves has come to encompass Tall Tales, lengthy voyages centered on solving riddles and learning about non-player characters that make up the game’s lore. It’s in this more directed, narrative-driven realm that the game’s latest expansion, A Pirate’s Life, lies as well. Tying in with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, the expansion provides new stories to uncover that are both fairly delightful for fans of the films and the theme park attraction that spawned them, as well as big, involved new Sea of Thieves locations to explore.

A Pirate’s Life adds a lot to Sea of Thieves, expanding on its sandbox with new enemies and a new weapon, while providing several hours of story content that’s deep enough for experienced players to enjoy and approachable enough for newbies excited to sail the seas with Jack Sparrow. Though it’s held back occasionally by bugs and relies on some of Sea of Thieves’ weaker elements, like hitchy platforming, the expansion is a great excuse to man the helm of a pirate vessel.

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