Pupperazzi Review – More Rough Than Ruff

Dogs are one of the few remaining precious things in life. Dogs are good–providing the world with ceaselessly comforting and fiercely loyal companions. Truth be told, we’ve reached a point where not liking dogs just feels a bit, well, wrong–like admitting you hate sweets or can’t stand the feeling of a freshly made bed. Or, more relevantly, that you just weren’t a fan of the cute n’ cozy indie game you had hoped you would love.

Sundae Month’s Pupperazzi is, conceptually, adorable. Set in a world almost entirely inhabited by playful pooches, the first-person photography game perfectly aligns with a growing desire for more peaceful experiences, making it ideal for those looking for cozy games. However, all these warm fuzzy feelings and vibrant world aren’t enough to make up for Pupperazzi’s frustrating lack of variety when it comes to things to do, which ultimately leads to a repetitive gameplay loop.

In Pupperazzi, you play a living camera, equipped with stringy limbs and hands perfectly crafted for giving pets and throwing frisbees. Your photo-filled adventure begins in a small cove beside a lighthouse, where an endearing “sea dog” clad in a yellow fisherman’s jacket greets you with a simple request: Take a picture of him.

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