Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review

By this point, nearly four years into the Switch’s life cycle, Nintendo has repackaged almost all of Wii U’s most noteworthy games for the system’s successor, with only a handful of holdovers yet to make the jump. Pikmin 3 is the latest Wii U gem to be dusted off and repurposed for Switch, and like other “deluxe” offerings, it arrives on the hybrid console packed together with all of its original DLC and a smattering of new content–in this case, a handful of additional missions starring series mainstays Olimar and Louie–making this the definitive version of one of the company’s most underrated titles.

Although the side story missions are the biggest selling point, Pikmin 3 has actually received a fair number of other tweaks in its move to Switch as well. There are new difficulty options, a hint system that helpfully nudges wayward players in the right direction, and other additions like badges–unlockable achievements that are doled out upon completing specific tasks or reaching certain milestones. These nips and tucks don’t radically alter the experience for returning players, but they do help make the game more inviting for newcomers, especially those who may not already be familiar with the series.

Even without any dramatic touch-ups, Pikmin 3 remains just as delightful now as when it first premiered more than seven years ago, thanks to its wonderfully idiosyncratic blend of strategy and adventure. The centerpiece of the package is the Story mode, which begins–just as previous games did–with a crash landing. This time around, you take control of three new explorers named Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, who embark on an expedition across the cosmos in search of food for their starving planet. En route, their spaceship is struck by a meteor, sending the crew plummeting to the planet of the Pikmin, and it falls to you to reunite the explorers, navigate the planet’s perils, and retrieve enough food to save their home world.

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