Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Better Together

For the past five years, there’s been a Wii Sports-sized hole in the Nintendo Switch’s library. A lot has changed since that game’s monumental success 16 years ago, including the acute existential dread I felt of being 15 years old. Not only has my teenage angst fizzled out, but so has the trend of motion control in games. Some things should stay in the past, and one could make the case that motion-controlled sports games are among them.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case and, if anything, Nintendo Switch Sports makes a strong case for why. Not because its motion controls are as revelatory as the original, but because the same sense of brazen fun that came from playing Wii Sports with a good group of friends or family is as potent as ever in its successor. On the court of modern day video games, Switch Sports definitely makes some perplexing missteps along the way, but ultimately puts on a worthy performance.

Nintendo Switch Sports is, at its core, the same as Wii Sports was all those years ago: a game in which you swing your arms around and reenact a sport. If you’re a Wii Sports (and Wii Sports Resort) veteran, the feeling of tennis, bowling, or chambara (sword fighting) will be second nature. Even with the addition of new sports like volleyball and soccer, there’s very little innovation in what Switch Sports attempts to do, and I think that’s a good thing. The game doesn’t feel like it’s trying to revitalize a trend. Instead, it recaptures the simplicity of the original and, in doing so, rekindles the same magic. It’s straightforward, unadulterated, and, above all, approachable.

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