Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review – Duel Of The Bricks

It’s surreal to think that the first Lego Star Wars is inching closer to two decades old, but even more so to see a brand-new version of some of those same stories in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Time has allowed for significant reinvention–developer Traveller’s Tales’ latest marks the biggest departure from the familiar formula that has permeated its library of Lego games. These gameplay changes enhance the familiar Lego action-adventure gameplay to make the moment-to-moment combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving more engaging. However, the breadth of content on offer does not live up to the potential of this new direction.

Core to The Skywalker Saga’s gameplay changes is a new perspective. Gone is the overhead camera, replaced by an over-the-shoulder third-person view that draws you closer into effects-laden lightsaber duels and chaotic cantina shootouts. You’re offered far more control over the action than in earlier Lego titles, with cover-based shooting giving you more tactical options to take out stormtroopers and expanded combos offering more options to dismantle droids with a flurry of melee strikes. The Skywalker Saga’s difficulty is still tuned to ensure you’re always making progress–its action is straightforward and breezy while its puzzles are usually just a handful of steps away from a solution–rather than throwing difficult roadblocks in your way. It lets you easily progress even if you’re just repeatedly mashing a single attack. It’s still fun to experiment with new button combinations to see special moves from the game’s expansive roster of characters, but this isn’t a game that requires you to memorize extended combo strings–these mechanics are simply there for those who want to engage in them.

With more than 400 playable Star Wars characters, there’s a lot of space for many of these to be complete copies of one another. And while there is significant overlap between the characters that wield the same category of weapon, a class system creates enough of a substantial gameplay difference between similar characters. It’s easy to tell the difference between a fast-shooting Bounty Hunter and a well-rounded Scoundrel, as well as the slight ability differences between Force-wielding characters depending on whether they’re Jedi or Sith. Each class also features unique abilities that are needed for certain puzzles, supplying incentive to swap between characters when you’re exploring planet hubs or replaying story stages.

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