Land of Screens Review – Short, Sweet, But Not-So-Subtle

Described by developer Serenity Forge as a “romcom adventure game,” Land of Screens is both charming and decidedly more grounded than similarly sentimental games. While it examines the weighty process of how we build ourselves back up after suffering a loss, rather than sending players down the path of introspection, it opts to be a bit more simplistic and deliver just one pertinent message: There’s a whole world outside your phone screen and you might just be missing it. However, in taking this approach and focusing so entirely on this one message, Land of Screens ultimately comes across a bit too reductive and preachy to deliver it as subtly and powerfully as it could.

Land of Screens begins as life as Holland knows it comes to an end: After five, long years together, her partner has just called it quits on their relationship. Before she even has the time to process her feelings and what this means for her life, Holland finds herself pacing around her bedroom thinking about how others will process the news, and thus begins to search for the right way to share the news on social media. As she debates word choice and attempts to find the middle ground between detached and devastated, she realizes she’s been tagged in her ex’s breakup announcement, which naturally leads to a wave of comments and bad feelings she’d rather ignore.

Desperate for some sort of outlet, Holland racks her brain for someone she can reach out to. However, it doesn’t take long for her to realize that–thanks to being in a comfortable relationship, her busy work schedule, and the advent of social media–she’s failed to actually nurture her relationships in a meaningful way and feels a bit isolated. Holland ultimately decides to pay her ever-accommodating childhood best friend, Cody, a visit, tacking on a quick detour to her already busy weekend filled with a work conference and a family reunion. She quickly packs her things and heads over to Cody’s home, realizing a bit too late she forgot her charger and her phone is nearly dead.

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