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Adrift in space, a ship faces a terrifying crisis: Some of its members are no longer human, and plan to take over the vessel to offer it to an otherworldly being known only as the Gnos. To succeed, these beings–the Gnosia–must kill the other crew members, one by one, and deceive the others into thinking that innocent crew are the enemy. Trapped in a terrifying time loop that only you and another crew member are aware of, you must protect the ship from the threat of the Gnosia–or, as fate might dictate, eagerly destroy everything for your sinister overlord.

If you’re thinking that this concept sounds a lot like a certain multiplayer game that’s become extremely popular over the last year, you’re not wrong–the similarities in concept between Gnosia and Among Us are undeniable. But Gnosia, which released a few years back on the PS Vita and only recently came to Switch in English, takes that concept and puts a very different spin on it. By utilizing a visual novel-like presentation, RPG-like mechanics, a great cast of characters, and a multi-layered story, Gnosia presents you with a very different take on the social deduction game–one that, despite some stumbles, succeeds quite admirably.

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When you begin Gnosia, you meet Setsu, an unassuming green-haired crewmember who briefs you on what’s going on. Besides yourself, Setsu is the only other person on board who is fully aware of what’s happening: that everyone on the ship is trapped in a horrifying time loop where one or more of the crew–including you–have been infected by the Gnosia. Unfortunately, Gnosia infection can’t be determined visually, so each day, the crew votes on someone to send to cold sleep until all Gnosia are eliminated. With each loop, things change dramatically: the crew members on board, the amount of Gnosia, and what roles everyone plays. And sometimes, completely unexpected things happen beyond the control of even the humans or the Gnosia. With Setsu as your aide–and sometimes Gnosia-infected enemy–you must figure out a way to escape from this eternal hell by looping as many times as it takes to solve the mystery.

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