Ghostwire: Tokyo Review – Shibuya Scramble

Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within and its sequel are quintessential Shinji Mikami games, brazenly following in the footsteps of Resident Evil 4 by mixing survival horror and action with an over-the-shoulder perspective. The studio was never meant to be an avenue for Mikami’s own creative vision, though. Tango was established with the aim of showcasing new and talented young creators, and Ghostwire: Tokyo is the first game to really demonstrate this aspiration. There’s nothing else that can compare to its peculiar brand of open-world exploration and supernatural combat, as it borrows familiar elements and combines them with new ideas in imaginative and surprising ways. It may stumble at times, but the sheer creativity and attention to detail exhibited throughout constantly shine through.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s story begins at a rapid pace with one of its protagonists lying dead on the floor. After being involved in a fatal car accident on Tokyo’s famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Akito Izuki is brought back from the dead when a shadowy spirit calling himself KK merges with his body. The unholy union between the pair gives Akito access to KK’s supernatural powers, but before he’s even able to fathom what the hell’s going on, the rest of Tokyo’s residents are engulfed by a malevolent fog that blankets the entire city. A menagerie of evil spirits known as Visitors now roam Shibuya’s streets in their stead, so it’s up to Akito and KK to put a stop to the masked villain responsible before the situation worsens.

Both protagonists have different motivations for embarking on this dangerous quest, beyond their responsibility to save the world. KK is seeking revenge while Akito is desperate to save his younger sister after she’s kidnapped by the villain for nefarious purposes. The connection between Akito and KK is the strongest aspect of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s narrative, as their budding relationship takes center stage and develops naturally over the course of the game. The incidental banter between the pair adds levity to what is oftentimes bleak subject matter, and it’s easy to become invested in their predicament even when the mysteries surrounding KK’s past are ultimately unfulfilling.

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