Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review – Humble Beginnings

A while back, the minds behind the beloved Suikoden RPG series set up a Kickstarter to fund Eiyuden Chronicle, a classically styled JRPG currently set for a 2023 release. However, one of the stretch goals was for a “companion game,” meant to help introduce players to the world and its characters while the flagship title was being developed. Enter Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a 2.5D, side-scrolling, exploration-action game with light RPG and town-building elements. While it might not be the big game that fans and Kickstarter backers are eagerly anticipating, there’s enough to Rising to make it worth a look.

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As the game begins, we’re introduced to CJ, a sprightly, eager-to-help young girl who’s the central character of this little saga. Her clan’s rite of passage involves finding an impressive treasure, and in her search, she stumbles across New Nevaeh, a mining town that’s been ravaged by a massive earthquake and bandit attacks. CJ suspects that the town’s quarry leads to the kind of treasure she seeks, but the local bureaucracy’s none too keen on letting random strangers go exploring on their land–especially when they’re so focused on rebuilding. But CJ sees an opportunity: by helping the town rebuild, she’ll win the populace over and be able to treasure hunt to her heart’s content… and maybe make some new friends and uncover an ancient secret in the process.

Progression in Rising is heavily mission-based, with copious amounts of main and side quests to rebuild New Nevaeh, help the citizens, and advance the story. Many of the quests require you to visit the dangerous, monster- and bandit-filled lands surrounding the town, which open up gradually as you explore more and gain additional skills. While CJ starts out adventuring alone, she is eventually joined by two partners: Garoo, a kangaroo mercenary with a magic pouch he uses to store his hulking broadsword, and Isha, a clever young lass with the unusual innate ability to wield magic. All three characters have unique movement and attack abilities–CJ is agile and quick to strike; Garoo is slower but hits hard; Isha has ranged attacks and floaty jumps–and can be instantly swapped out with the press of a button. This allows you to perform some tricky play forming maneuvers, as well as chain characters’ attacks together for massive damage.

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