Disc Room Review – Getting Buzzed

There are times in life where it feels like no matter what you do, something is waiting to ruin your day. Obstacles that come from all directions, trying to take you down when you’re just trying your best to make it to the next day. Perhaps they’re big, foreboding, and scary. Maybe there are lots of little things that can harm you just as easily. Something might seemingly come out of nowhere and just wreck your entire being. That’s the vibe of the year 2020 Disc Room, a ball of anxious energy in the form of a 2D action game. But as nerve-racking as that sounds, Disc Room is also a game that will eventually encourage you to come to terms with frequent failure, learning instead to cherish the small successes that help you push forward.

A giant disc-shaped object has appeared over Jupiter, or so Disc Room’s introductory text tells you, and as a charming little space person your goal is to explore what is revealed to be a labyrinth filled with numerous deadly rooms. Each room houses a unique trial involving copious spinning buzzsaws threatening to cut right through you, something that will happen more times than you’ll be able to keep track of.

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It’s a twitch-action game that focuses solely on the most heart-pounding element of bullet-hell shoot-em-up games: trying to avoid a ridiculous number of projectiles. Disc Room is concentrated on difficulty and pushing you into panicked situations, featuring a creative variety of aggressive enemy discs. Each exhibits particular behaviors, but none follow a predetermined course, making even the relatively simple stages dangerously unpredictable and challenging every time. Disc Room’s reality is one where you’re trapped in a room with over a dozen bouncing, fatal blades, where dark electro thumps non-stop, and where death can occur in less than a second.

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