Dead By Daylight Review (2020) – No Fear Without Hope

After a rough launch in 2016 and many years of updates, Dead by Daylight has evolved into one of the best horror games you can play today. When everything works there’s literally no game like it–where else can you play as iconic film and TV characters like Ash Williams or Nancy Wheeler as you run away from villains like Ghost Face, Freddy Krueger, or Michael Myers? The premise might seem silly, but Dead by Daylight turns it into one of the most thrilling multiplayer experiences around, pitting one terrifying Killer against four hapless Survivors as they scramble to escape the map alive.

As the Killer, your job is to sacrifice the four Survivors to the Entity, the malevolent god in charge of the nonstop forced competition that is each “trial” in the game. And while you’re outnumbered, the odds are heavily lopsided in your favour. You move faster, you have access to more immediate information, and, most importantly, you’re the only one capable of dealing any damage. The Survivors can’t do anything to harm you–at best, they can slow you down–while you’re equipped with a wide array of offensive abilities.

With twenty different Killers to choose from (so far), there’s no shortage of entertaining and diverse playstyles. The Hillbilly charges around the map with his chainsaw, the revving of the limb-lopping tool acting as a terrifying warning of what’s to come. The Trapper discreetly leaves bear traps on the ground, catching any Survivors who aren’t watching where they’re going in a crippling vice of metal teeth. Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head leaves a trail of horrible barbed wire anywhere he drags his giant blade, and he can send anyone who steps in it to his own special sacrifice areas.

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