Cat Cafe Manager Review: Meow We’re In Business

Few games are as informative in name as Cat Cafe Manager. Just reading it, you likely have a good idea as to whether or not it’s something you’d enjoy. The combination of a cat adoption game and a restaurant sim is enough to make coziness-seeking gamers jump in without inspecting any further. And while Cat Cafe Manager is definitely a cozy experience, it also has its faults, and the hands-off direction of it all can lend itself to both fun and frustration at different times.

The setup is a familiar one. You’re new to town and have been given a plot of land. Naturally, you do what any sensible landowner would do: begin to build a small business that combines two of humanity’s greatest idols: brunch and cats. Immediately upon setting off to build the cafe of your dreams, the bubbly music and adorable 2D art direction provide the lax vibes you might expect from a game like this.

But just as soon, Cat Cafe inundates you with messy, text-only tutorials. It’s a heap of information dumped at your lap, which may be a rough opening for any player, but especially the younger or less-experienced crowd such a game may attract. Still, once the busy UI has been deciphered, the game’s economy is actually well-designed, demanding you cater your cafe to different clientele to serve different needs.

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