Bright Memory: Infinite Review – Finite Would Be More Appropriate

Beginning a review with a history lesson is usually a bit of a faux pas, but in this case it’s integral to understanding what exactly Bright Memory: Infinite is. The original game–simply titled Bright Memory–gained some traction when it launched on Steam Early Access in 2019 for having flashy visuals that rivaled triple-A games in graphical fidelity, despite the fact that it was the work of a single developer. Zeng Xiancheng created Bright Memory in their spare time, and considering what a huge undertaking that is, it wasn’t too surprising when the game clocked in at around 40 minutes in length. A sequel was due to follow, but these plans were scrapped when Xiancheng opted instead to remake the original game and expand on both its gameplay and story.

That’s where Bright Memory: Infinite comes in, and it’s a vastly different game from the 2019 original. Only tangential elements like character and organization names remain; the rest may as well be an entirely new project–which can only be a good thing. Gone are the Devil May Cry-esque style ratings and blatant allusions to Dark Souls. Instead, Bright Memory: Infinite feels less like a derivative fan game and more like something entirely its own; a frenetic FPS with satisfyingly punchy combat that mixes both gunplay and melee abilities into one audacious whole. It’s still a fairly short experience with some glaring caveats, but the journey to its conclusion is more enjoyable than the original game.

The reworked story revolves around a strange phenomenon occurring in the skies around the world that has scientists baffled. You play as Shelia, an agent for the Supernatural Science Research Organisation, who’s sent in to investigate. It doesn’t take long for Shelia to discover that this strange phenomenon is also connected to some mysterious history between two interconnected worlds. If this sounds like complete nonsense, it’s worth noting that the only way I know all of this is because I looked up the game’s synopsis. Trying to glean any of this information from the opaque narrative is an impossible task. Whether this is intentional or due to something being lost in translation is unclear, but it’s difficult to care about anything that’s happening either way. Thankfully, keeping track of all this sci-fi gibberish isn’t entirely necessary.

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