Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok Review – Havi’ng A Good Time

Assassin’s Creed has long experimented with its protagonists having magic-like abilities, oftentimes explored in post-launch expansions. Dawn of Ragnarök is the latest, adding to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by pivoting from Eivor to delve into the story of Havi, the Æsir who is most well-known as Odin. Dawn of Ragnarök doesn’t quite reach the highs found in Assassin’s Creed’s previous myth- and legends-focused expansions, falling short in both delivering a compelling narrative and fully embracing its initial open-ended gameplay loop. However, Dawn of Ragnarök does satisfyingly evolve Valhalla’s combat and navigation via a rewarding assortment of cool mythical powers.

In Dawn of Ragnarök, Havi travels to Svartalfheim to save his son from Surtr, the flaming Isu warlord of Muspelheim. Surtr has invaded the land of the dwarves with an army composed of giants from both the icy Jötunheim and fiery Muspelheim for some unknown purpose. Though Havi has no interest in learning what that purpose is, he still finds himself aiding the besieged dwarves in order to gather the necessary support to save his son.

The campaign attempts to navigate the complexities of Havi’s abusive nature. So far, we’ve only seen a self-proclaimed god who’s so self-assured that he can’t find fault in any of his actions, reasoning that the mistreatment of his allies is a necessary evil for bettering Asgard and ensuring his survival for all time, even through the events of Ragnarök and his predetermined demise. Dawn of Ragnarök sees Havi come face-to-face with this aspect of himself, and the Isu is regularly presented with examples of how the ends don’t always justify the means. It’s an intriguing hook, but not one that gets a satisfying pay-off. His story just sort of ends.

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